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While air conditioning technologies continue to develop, Izoterm Air Conditioning Systems develop these new technologies together with the R&D team and offer them to the world customers. So much so that Izoterm Air Conditioning Systems has established a separate department within Hvac automation solutions and offers automation technology to other air conditioning manufacturers. by exporting to 43 countries producing confident with our experience and expertise in HVAC engineering Turkey, "We provide a contribution to eat.

We gained the trust of many countries by having international certificates. (2007-2018)

Some of Our Products

Air conditioner heating, cooling, cleaning, circulation and the process of continuously providing and establishing the function of keeping the moisture content of the air at a certain rate.

Rooftop Air Conditioner General Features Roof top air conditioners are manufactured compactly. The body structure of the device, its strength with special bending techniques ...

Package Hygienic Air Handling Unit What Does It Do Package hygienic air handling unit; As the name suggests, they are hygienic air handling units manufactured as a package.

We are a leading Aerospace steels manufacturer. Our special grade steels are being used in commercial and military aerospace projects.

General Features of Jet Fans are manufactured in two different configurations as axial and radial designs. Ventilation and smoke evacuation ...

The condenser unit is used as a heating and cooling source in systems with DX batteries. Easily coupled to any direct expansion system ...

Reference Institutions and Organizations

Some of the institutions and organizations that trust our air conditioning expertise and work with us ...

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    • Izoterm Klima Sistemleri is a company that likes to produce and develop, and delivers air conditioning devices on time without sacrificing quality. Hoping to open up for many years. I wish you success in your work.